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Jul 25 2013

As you leave Institute

I’m sitting here trying to discover a way to tell 60 amazing, inspiring, and infuriating individuals how they have touched me and changed me and pushed me over the last 5 weeks. How can I convey to you the gravity of the impact you have had on me? We have shared intimate moments together that neither of us even knew were happening. There were times in sessions when I was overjoyed by your presence, comments, insights and feedback. Times when I was disappointed and frustrated, but never did I forget that these teachers, you all, could someday have my students. Within the last 5 weeks I have seen some of the nation’s best of the best laid low by 7, 8, and 10 year olds. They, students with less with a quarter of our age, taught us humility. They taught us the enormity of our decision to become teachers. They…

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Jul 09 2013

Thoughts on Diversity

This question was left by a Corps Member in a recent Diversity session I facilitated. Given the nature of the high need and sensitivity of working in low income communities through Teach for America, do you personally feel that TFA (institute) adequately prepares corps members to enter classrooms in August? A corps member left this…

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